Master your IIoT

From a remote energy site to an entire college campus, learn what it takes to achieve confidence in your smart automation.

Smart Building Spend in 8 Years


1. Net Zero

2. Rising Energy Use

3. Cyber Security Threats

4. Hybrid Workforce

5. Advances in IoT and PoE

28% Sensor Growth thru 2030


1. IIoT digital twins

2. The intelligent IIoT edge

3. Safer IIoT equipment

4. IIoT cyber attack surface

5. Persona-based IIoT

Automation Confidence for Your Smart Place




Any Place

inQ delivers fingertip access to two floors of a hospital, campus spaces or an entire smart city.


Establish a clear purpose and scope of use as each IoT sensor is deployed into your smart place.


Achieve targeted efficiency and security goals for your smart place with timely maintenance for every device.


Monitor and manage sensor automation health for your smart place…regardless of its location.


Establish trust in your smart places with proactive support for data privacy, ethics and transparency.


Cradle to grave management of every IoT sensor enables operational stability for your smart place.

All the Time

Continuous, real-time visibility into the health of your smart place means greater control and peace of mind.


Establish governance and maintain compliance with applicable cybersecurity and privacy regulatory requirements.


inQ gives you the power to orchestrate thousands of IoT sensors to achieve your smart place objectives.

inQntrol platform helps organizations instill visibility, trust, and compliance into the foundation of your smart space. inQntrol’s IIoT sensor management platform gives you the edge in deploying the most secure, compliant sensor projects so you can protect and grow your business. Our team takes the time to understand your current operations, assess regulatory requirements and implement a smart automation management solution that meets stakeholder, regulatory and user requirements. Securely scale your smart building and city automation efforts with the right partner, inQntrol.

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Our team of experts are ready to take your project from sensors to fully managed enterprise smart automation.

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