IIoT Automation Confidence

Take control of monitoring and managing your smart spaces

inQntrol gives you one central point for achieving trust, visibility and compliance for IIoT automation, near or far.

Collect Essential Smart Automation Data

inQntrol helps you monitor and maintain your smart spaces by organizing critical information associated with sensor and device installation, operation and maintenance.

• Capture scope, purpose and installation details for your IIoT and sensor devices

• Receive vulnerability and fault alerts for sensors

• Access real-time status for your spaces, buildings and campuses

Deliver Insights for Operational Excellence

inQntrol provides the necessary data and insights required to efficiently maintain the smart security and safety enhancements in your buildings and spaces.

• Maintenance task ownership, scheduling and tracking

• Quick access to IoT and sensor manufacturer specifications, manuals and maintenance instructions

• Proactive vulnerability alerts for the sensors that are deployed at your smart place


Secure, Optimize & Achieve Compliance for Smart Spaces

Harnessing IIoT and sensors for smart automation doesn’t end with installation.  Ensuring security, efficient maintenance and compliance requires innovative solutions that can scale with your initiatives. inQ delivers enterprise class software and services that solves IIoT automation challenges for your smart building, campus or city initiative.  Get our eBook and ensure the success of your IIoT sensor automation initiative.

Achieve Trust, Transparency & Compliance

Trust, transparency and compliance are paramount for successful smart automation projects that touch users

• Establish and track defined purpose and scope for sensor deployments 

• Instill trust and transparency with students, employees and citizens

• Achieve readiness for third-party audits and compliance with applicable cyber and privacy regulations


Your Trusted Partner for Enterprise Automation Management

Our team possesses a diverse background with the skills and track-record to help our clients achieve their IIoT automation management initiatives.  inQ’s extensive network of technology partners enable us to bring the right parties to the table quickly and efficiently without compromise to your solution’s quality and excellence.

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