Use Cases

inQntrol integrates seamlessly with new and existing environments to deliver a new level of automation trust and confidence. We make it easier for you to achieve all of the imperatives like monitoring, maintenance and compliance, that go with implementing IIoT and sensor technology. The table below explains more about the key areas where we invest our team’s energy. Are we the perfect fit for you?

Where inQntrol Makes Sense

Solution Description
Smart Campus College or corporate campuses with many buildings and places spread over a large area
LEED & Environmental Monitor sensors that ensure you qualify and meet requirements for LEED certification
Safe Places Ensure that installed safety and security technology are operating as expected
Remote Facilities Gain peace of mind by monitoring your smart automation investments from anywhere
Critical Infrastructure Ensure optimal IIoT sensor performance through routine maintenance; get alerted when issues arise

Why inQntrol

inQntrol provides key stakeholders with confidence that their IIoT and sensors investments are delivering enhanced levels of efficiency, safety and compliance for buildings, spaces and remote places.

  • Enhanced smart automation visibility and control for greater confidence & peace of mind

  • Greater trust, transparency and compliance for smart public places, buildings and remote sites

  • Operational excellence in automation management to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability initiatives

Our Commitment To You

“inQntrol guides you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your IIoT automation initiative. With our InQntrol platform, you will gain both operational confidence and insight that puts you in control of your automation investments. Staff, customers, citizens and regulators will gain peace of mind and confidence where they live, work or play.”


IoT Sensor Management Technology Guided by Principles

Security & Governance

Privacy & Compliance

Visibility & Accountability